Energy Broker Business Opportunity

What is an Energy Broker?

An “Energy Broker” or “Energy Consultant” is someone that assists businesses and consumers in saving money because of energy deregulation. As an Broker/ Consultant, you earn upfront commissions & residual income by helping others save money on a bill they have to pay anyway (their electric bill)!

Have you ever wanted to work with a team of highly successful Mentors who can guide you step-by-step by sharing their exact strategies with you on how to become a thriving Energy Broker in a fast growing industry?

Energy Business Income Opportunity

Honestly, we don’t want to work that hard. When we learned about the potential residual income we could earn in this business as an Energy Broker, we knew we wanted to be a part of it! The Deregulation of Energy has opened the door for every day people like you and me to make alot of money…actually to become millionaires as energy consultants!

Becoming an Energy Broker will make YOU a more valuable person in the marketplace because you too will possess a new, unique skill set that you didn’t have before.

Let’s talk about the Advantages of becoming an Energy Broker:

•Work your Own Hours – Most people come into this business part-time and work their other “job” while building up their energy business on the side. You choose the hours you want to work. You set your own goals and you are your own boss. You have the support of the leaders in the company and the person whose team you joined. Some people leave their jobs once they earn enough residual income to pay their bills and then they do this full-time!

•No Selling, just Telling – As an Energy Broker you are simply showing people how to pay less for something they already are purchasing. You don’t have to change their buying habits.
•Zero Overhead – As an energy broker you don’t have to worry about the usual overhead that traditional businesses face such as rent, investment in inventory, products, delivery, collecting money, etc.
•Earning Potential – I would say 99% of people you know use energy, which makes them a potential customer.
•No Sales Experience Required – As an Energy Broker you are simply sharing with others how they can save money; just like you would tell your family and friends about a great movie, restaurant or book.
•The Timing – Timing beats talent any day of the week! When AOL started many years ago, they couldn’t afford to pay their employees a salary so they gave them stock options. Years later those average, ordinary people became overnight millionaires when that company hit “critical mass.” This is truly a ground floor opportunity to get in early.

We invite you to join OUR TEAM It doesn’t matter where you are located in the United States. You can be an Energy Broker even if you live in a non-deregulated State!!!

If you would like more information please call me now at – 1-800-543-1276

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