Residual Income Opportunity

Energy Deregulation + Energy Supply Companies + Independent Energy Brokers

When you add the above up what do you get?

Answer – a Residual Income Opportunity!

What is a Residual Income Opportunity? A residual income opportunity allows you to work hard and when you make a sale or referral you get paid not only on the initial sale or referral, but for the lifetime of the paying customer. Why is this so important in the deregulated energy industry? The answer is simple. Because when you get others to switch their electric supply company (and save money!) you will make a residual income on all the energy they use!

Still not catching on?

Everyone uses electric, everyone uses gas. This means that when you join a company and become an independent energy broker and get people to make the switch, you earn money off of their energy use! Not doing back flips yet? Ok, maybe you are not the motivated person in the world? However you do not need to be. You can focus your efforts on getting others to becoming independent energy brokers and when they get customers to make the switch you will earn a residual income off of all the customers energy use!

Still not getting it??? Can’t help you! Stick to your 9 – 5

For eveyone else with a bit of drive and the willingness to make more out of your life, well we are waiting for you, and NAPPROS wants to discuss a great opportunity as an independent energy broker.

Call now – 1-800-543-1276

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